February Meeting Antique Gardens: American

Are you interested in hearing about antique gardens? Scott Kunst will be our February speaker. He is the owner of Old House Gardens, a nationally known catalouge company. In this catalogue you will find an assortment of heirloom bulbs, corms and tubers. He also has had many articles published in horticulture periodicals and has served as advisor for many historical reconstructions of well known American gardens. He will be participating in the 2010 Garden Symposium to be held in Williamsburg, VA in April. In our library you will find “Flowers and Herbs of Early America”, a book about the gardens of Williamsburg.
All our meetings are open to the public. We invite you to come to the conference center at the Toledo Botanical Garden to hear Scott Kunst speak on Wednesday, February 17. Our social hour begins at 9:15 am.