Horseradish, the Herb of the Year 2011

Horseradish is a more than 3,000 year old herb. Some uses in the past have been as an aphrodisiac, a treatment for rheumatism, and a bitter herb for Passover Seders. Early Greeks used horseradish both as a rub for low back pain and an aphrodisiac. This herb was also used to make a cough syrup and some people believed it to be a cure for almost anything. Even today, it certainly does clear your sinuses.
Legend has it that the Delphic oracle told Appolo” the radish is worth its weight in lead, the beet its weight in silver, the horseradish its weight in gold”. Evidence of this will be commented on throughout this year.
Other facts about this herb of many uses are that it has a lot of flavor, but only six calories in one tablespoon. This is a great h elp in planning flavorful foods if you are interested in losing weight. Horseradish can be added to many foods, and there are many recipes available. You will find some here throughout 2011.