Uses of Rose Hips by Native Americans

Rose hips were used in many different ways by Native Americans. They were eaten fresh, dried, cooked or roasted. The juice was extracted, boiled, and then mixed with other juices. In Alaska rose hips were frozen and stored for later use. They were also mixed with dried salmon eggs to enhance their flavor.
Medicinal teas were made to use for coughs and sore itchy throats. This use was especially for babies. Decoctions of rose hips were drunk by people with rheumatism, colds, sore throats, fevers, indigestion, and kidney ailments.
Rose hips were chewed by women in labor to hasten delivery.
Firm hips were used as beads and made into necklaces and bracelets that were often worn by children.
The rose was also used in floral designs created with materials such as dyed porcupine quills and beads made from bone. These designs were then used to decorate clothing. Originally the floral designs represented medicinal plants. These plant designs were believed to bring power and good medicine to the individual wearing this clothing.