Heralding Is Coming on November 30, and December 1 and 2

We invite you to join us in celebrating Heralding the Holidays at the Toledo Botanical Garden. Heralding will begin at 5pm on Friday, November 30 and continue until 9pm. Times on Saturday are from 10am to 5pm, and on Suday from noon to 5pm. Among the herbal items we will have for sale are herbal jams, jellies, salsas and vinegars. At our wreath workshop, herbs that were dried from our herb garden at the Toledo Botanical Garden plus other flowers, etc  were made into beautiful wreaths. Our mustard workshop is soon, and our crafters are busy sewing. This year we will have herbal shoe sachets that will make your shoes smell oh so nice! Also, among other crafts will be neckwraps, lavender dryer bags good for 25 loads in your dryer, lavender sachets to put in your drawers to make your clothing smell heavenly, catnip fish and mice and catnapper beds for your cats. We will also have treats for your dogs. Individual herbs, herbal blends, teas, and potpourri will be there for you as usual. Don’t miss our bake sale. Everything will be delicious.  Many wonderful items have been donated for our Silent Auction. Do you remember the alligator lawn sprinkler from last year that was a popular item? We found another one this year. Come and visit us and the members of the other resident organizations who will also have wonderful and unusual items for sale. You will not be disappointed!